Teen Maze 2019

Bartow Collaborative facilitates a community of partnerships with common goals addressing the challenges facing Bartow County’s children and families. We are pleased to announce “Destination Graduation”, an Interactive Teen Maze, to be held at the Cartersville Campus of Georgia Highlands College on May 13-16, 2019. Facilitated by local EMS and health care professionals, social service agencies and volunteers, the Maze targets 8th grade students attending Bartow County and Cartersville City School Systems.

“Destination Graduation” is a life-sized interactive “game” that students will advance through by “chance”. During the Maze, students do not have a “choice” about the decisions that they make regarding risky behaviors. They will draw a scenario card at different tables throughout the Maze. The scenarios will include situations involving distracted driving, drug and alcohol use, sexual activity and dating violence. The students will then follow the path of consequences which may include the Emergency Room, Jail and Probation, Alcohol and Drug Treatment, Death, Sexually Transmitted Infections, Pregnancy, and Getting a Job. Since the “paths” are randomly drawn, no two students will have the same experience – much as in real life. The goal of “Destination Graduation” is to make it to High School Graduation, and avoid the consequences of unhealthy decisions.

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