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Bartow Collaborative is proud to be part of Building a Region of Resilience in NW Georgia.  The Building a Region of Resilience Initiative is a Resilient Georgia, grant-funded project. It is designed to build capacity, increase community awareness and advocate for systems change that improves resilience and long-term outcomes for children and families in northwest Georgia.

Becoming trauma- and/or poverty-competent is a journey. Like all journeys, it begins with taking the first step, in this case making a commitment to change. It will take time to build your capacity and skills. In the meantime, you can start building resilience today by:

  • Being mindful and aware of your facial expressions, body language, and affect.

  • Being compassionate, attempting to make connections and disarm fear.

  • Giving voice to needs and concerns in a meaningful way so that you can help develop self-efficacy and the ability to self-regulate.

Finally, get curious! Build your understanding, capacity, and skill set to address poverty/trauma and the needs of traumatized children, parents, and families. The purpose of this page is to get you started. Our aim is to connect you to the myriad of information, trainings, websites, videos, books, and tools that are available from experts and champions in the field. Be sure to connect with the resources that best align with your poverty- and trauma-competency goals.

Build your capacity by visiting our website: